The best band you’ve never heard of

The Misfit Collective are the unluckiest band in the world, having ‘written’ many famous tunes and subsequently been ripped off by the bands you know and love. But they’re not bitter. Much. They are a bunch of banjo-strumming, bass-twanging, tub-thumping loonies who love giving every audience a unique experience of the music they love in a style like no other band.

So what exactly is their style? Some call it skiffle, others insist its bluegrass; it’s even been described as metal with a tinge of banjo......

TMC like to call it skifflegrass, a seamless mix of their favourite genres – bluegrass, skiffle, rock, pop, 80’s electro-pop and dance – all shmoothed together in an irresistible combo of melody and rhythm.

TMC like nothing more than taking a well known song and adding their own inimitable skifflegrass touch. They play a diverse assortment of cover versions and although not a conventional covers/wedding band, they regularly play at the best receptions and private functions, as well as rocking pub gigs, beer festivals and corporates. They played at Brownstock 2012. You might even catch them busking, spreading the Skifflegrass word.

So go on, call them, talk to them and book The Misfit Collective. They  will rock your arriss.

Have mercy!!

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Comments from Donna on our FB page April '18
Last night (courtesy of gatecrashing a 50th birthday party at The Garden House in Banham) I was fortunate enough to hear this band. Rarely have I heard a trio of musicians produce such a slick, professional, perfectly balanced sound. The choice of material and the way that it was played was completely unique. And their tongue in cheek approach made for some very comedic moments. This is a band who have worked very hard to put together a night of music that will suit all tastes and keep you dancing from dusk till dawn. Truly brilliant guys!!!! Xxx